Sunday, October 9, 2016



Congratulations, Conrad Young! You've won a paperback copy of CORALINE and two DVDs, THE THING and LORDS OF SALEM!  Thanks for answering one of the questions and we hope you enjoy your prizes.

Spooky prizes every day this month to celebrate the upcoming TRANSMUNDANE PRESSrelease, AFTER THE HAPPILY EVER AFTER.  Featuring authors from all over the world, this anthology explores what happens to fairy tale characters after their roles in the stories everyone knows and loves.  Cinderella, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and Jill, Bluebeard—they're all here, sorting out their lives after the credits roll. 

Future posts will include excerpts from the stories, author interviews, and other insider information.
We're launching a kickstarter on October 15th to help pay our contributors a little extra, beef up our marketing, and donate to one of our favorite charities, Scares that Care.  This campaign will feature the official cover release, exclusive stories, more giveaways, and other fun surprises.

Back to our giveaway.

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Two young boys accidentally release a horde of demons from their backyard; a large hole serving as a gateway for the demons to dominate the Earth.

This is a cool movie.
Satanic messages hidden on metal records, partying teenagers dabbling in magic, stop-motion nasties terrorizing our heroes—80s gold!  My brother and I watched this film a million times growing up, and I still screen it at house parties.  Nostalgia and sentimental attachment aside, this off the wall monster film is a lot of fun because of its strong story, smart effects, and solid acting.
To enter for this prize, we want to know what are your party movies, the films you love to show groups of people that are endlessly fun, and what makes them so enjoyable.  Leave your answer in comments of this blog or the facebook posts in which this contest appears in order to be entered for the contest.
Keep the fear alive!

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  1. Rocky Horror Picture Show. If you can't have fun watching that in a group, you wandered into the wrong house, because we're singing.