Wednesday, December 6, 2017

ON FIRE post-publish gratitude

Greetings Earthlings and other Sentient Lifeforms:

TRANSMUNDANE PRESS has unleashed ON FIRE upon the world, and the anthology is doing well.

As I write this, ON FIRE sits in Amazon's #1 print slot in occult and supernatural and their #2 slot for e-books in the same category.

And there are so many thanks that need to be shared.

First of all, let me shout out to our authors.  We've got a few returning storytellers in this anthology:  Rohit Sawant, Daniel M. Kimmel, Gregory L. Norris, Ali Abbas, Linda G. Hill, Lorraine Sharma Nelson, Jean Roberta, Jacyln Adomeit, and Shaun Avery.  Welcome back, and thanks for believing in the miracles, big and small.

Our new contributors have brought fresh flames to the mix: K. N. Johnson, Sean Padraic  McCarthy, J. Lee Strickland, Megan Dorei, Phoebe Tsang, Ashley N. Hunter, Victor Hawk, Will Waller, Stephen McQuiggan, Kevin Holton, Tim Jeffreys, Rie Sheriden Rose, Ed Ahern, and Sarah Lyn Eaton—glad to have you cats aboard.

This spell would not have come to pass without all of your energy, contributions, and magic.  Keep dreaming, lovers, weave your tales into the worldsong tapestry; your presence excites me for what the future may hold. 

Our intern, Catherine Elizabeth, deserves special praise.  She's really brought her talents to the table for us, keeping up with blog posts and research that helps the press stay on top of our game, even when the work is something from your worst NIGHTMARES.  Keep up the good work!

Dean Samed—thanks for another amazing cover.  Your VISIONS give our tales a face for the world to see.

Will Jacques, once again your HALLUCINATIONS with ink and paper effectively capture the worlds between the words.  I'm still seeing all kinds of crazy things in each illustration, and I suspect I will for the rest of my days.  Many props, cat.
And then there's Alisha.  A lighthouse and a rock, you keep me focused and on track even in the darkest of times.  I'm still not sure what angel or star blessed my journey when our paths crossed, but thanks for everything you do, all the extra effort it takes to work with a haunted music witch like myself.  Let's knock next year out of the fucking park and into the endless AIR.

And my last offering of gratitude is for the readers and the keepers of the torch who keep returning to our pages for entertainment.  It is an honor to share these imaginative sparks with you.

Every book I have ever been a part of has been rewarding, challenging, and full of learning opportunities, and this publication did not break the pattern.

From reading and accepting submissions to editing, working with the cover designer, illustrator, and creating marketing materials, every step of the process offered new obstacles and rewards, all of which have been fulfilling.

TRANSMUNDANE PRESS is a homegrown, grassroots affair—everything we produce comes from small, like-minded artists and creators.  Alisha and I sift through all the submissions, making the often hard decision of what makes the cut and what we pass on.  Then we edit the stories, design the interior, and create all the marketing materials associated with each title.  The same cover designer and illustrator from the past few books are back, and their presence have given our books a consistent look and feel that fits our ideals.  We've taken our book trailers to a new level, not only writing and piecing together the video, but also creating an original score to accompany the images.

Writing, art, music—these elements are not separate from life, they are life.

Earth, Air, Fire, Water—the classic elements work together in alchemy just as writing, art, and music spring from DREAMS and combine and form their own magic, sacred and special.

All right, lovers.  Back to the salt mine.  Until the next, keep creating, stay the course, and howl at the moon.  I look forward to singing with you.

I wonder what beautiful creatures lurk around the next corner…