Monday, October 24, 2016


A little bit of silence to remember lost friends.

The TRANSMUNDANE PRESS kickstarter is almost to the $1,000 mark.  We're trying to pay our contributors a little more and produce a limited amount of hardcover copies of AFTER THE HAPPILY EVER AFTER.  Time is running out, so make sure you pre-order.  You're shopping small, and you'd be sending amazing energy into the universe.

No one posted any videos for the contest, so the prizes roll over and are added to the ones we're offering today.

Halloween is a week away.  Let's kick it off proper.

Today's prizes are:

A DVD of John Carpenter's original HALLOWEEN.


And a paperback copy of THE OTHER ONES by Jean Thesman.

These three prizes will be added to the 7th SIGMA and FIRST GRAVE ON THE RIGHT paperbacks for a total of five prizes to one winner.

To enter, let's talk zombies.  Last night was a major turning point on THE WALKING DEAD. Without any spoilers, I will say the producers might have errored by waiting so long for us to know the outcome of their cliffhanger.  The months of speculation allowed the suspense and momentum built up to cool off, shortchanging some of the tension.

But, oh, man, the release.

I've read some reviews criticizing the unapologetic violence (Mom said she was done with the show, proving its success), but the episode translated the source material successfully to the small screen.  Lucille came through, splattering brains all over our poor survivors.   Backlit in the moment, Lucille symbolized Negan's erection as he spit gleeful wisecracks at countless viewers, safe in their homes but forever changed.

What does this mean for mainstream entertainment?

The brutal episode marks a new level of depravity for not only THE WALKING DEAD, but television.  They've always pushed the envelope with their language and gore, and last night delivered both without flinching, establishing Negan as a proper threat and reducing our protagonist to a sniveling lapdog.  When I was a kid, it took the golden ticket, my video store rental card, to see such images.  Now they are being pumped into our homes freely.

As a horror fan, I love and support it.  But what I'm wondering from you cats is how you think the rest of TV land will handle this form of easily accessible splatter?  Do you think we'll see ripples from last night's WALKING DEAD spill over into the other networks?  Do you think they've gone too far?

Let me know in the comments of this blog or facebook posts to enter today's giveaway.


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  1. Jennifer McGaha24 October, 2016 13:36

    Hmm,in a way I believe that it's just one more step in the desensitization of humans. The show Black Mirror, shocked everyone by having the PM have relations with a pig and still..we all watched episode 2...then season 2 and now 3.
    We have to see more and more screwed up things or its just not entertaining enough.
    Hell, even shows like Grey's Anatomy, burned one of the characters beyond recognition and we still wanted him to live...even know he was it an horrible pain.
    Violence, gore, pain and misery andre the new, My Little Ponies.
    It's just normal now.