Monday, September 14, 2015



I am an author, editor, publisher, musician, artist, and bartender living in the most interesting city in the world, New Orleans, and these writings are for the curious, hungry souls interested in my creative process, day-to-day life, and  innermost thoughts.

Writing, playing, and working in the Crescent City is a unique experience.  Most days I wonder if I'm playing a part in some strange tabletop RPG campaign or if dreams have devoured my consciousness.  Every time I leave the house, my path crosses amazing people and experiences.  The city is alive with music, culture, food, and festivities--it's a total bombardment to the senses.  I'm blessed to be a part of this wacky way of life.

There's something magical about creating new realities.  As an author, my books lean towards the dark side.  Ghosts, creepy-crawlies, witchcraft, monsters--I love placing counterculture characters living on the fringe against supernatural elements, often layering stories with Greek mythology and subtle nods to film, music, and literature.  Everyday, I work on my craft, plotting the next yarn in notebooks I carry everywhere or editing, where the real work happens.

The true craft of writing is editing.  In addition to penning my own novels, screenplays, articles, short stories, and poetry, the past few years have found me editing anthologies featuring writers from all over the globe.  Tumbling through the sprawling written labyrinths, nothing is more rewarding than finding a hidden gem and having a hand in polishing it until it shines bright enough to make the stars jealous.  I'm constantly wowed by other writers, and when we share a creative life, I feel blessed and whole.

Like writing, I've played music my entire life.  I started plucking on a ukulele i found in my parents' closet and worked my way up to a guitar.  Discovering underground dance music in my late teens, I began mixing records, real vinyl LPs, and started creating electronic loops.  All music is divine, a gift for our souls.

I've tended bar in several states now, getting my start in Panama City Beach, Florida.  I've worked beach bars, festivals, pool halls, resorts, private weddings, and nightclubs, most notably the largest nightclub in the country, Club La Vela.  My current residence is Ticklers@635 Bourbon Street, a dueling piano bar that is sometimes incredibly loud and wild, but always fun.  Almost seventeen years in the business, and I love meeting so many interesting people and hearing the best music.  Fantastic times.

Anyways, welcome aboard the haunted ship.  Let's adventure together, shall we?.  Second star to the right and straight on till dawn...

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  1. Can't wait to see your new book when it's out. Keep writing my friend.